Friday, June 26, 2009

Lunar and Solar Eclipes in July

This next month of July has a few interesting events in store for us, a Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 7th, and two weeks later on the 21st, a Solar Eclipse. The Full Moon will be eclipsed in the sign of Capricorn. The Sun will be in Cancer.

Solar and Lunar eclipses are very important and empowering times. The imagery of the Sun, the very Source of Life for this planet, becoming blotted out by the Moon, temporarily loosing it's Light for a brief moment...only to re-emerge from the pause with fresh insight and a sense of new beginnings. Essentially, the eclipse event is a 'reset, or reboot' to our state of Being, vibrating it's impulse and influence into our everyday life.

There are two things to look for with a Solar Eclipse: first, looking to find where the Sun is located in the sky, which is the current state of things. The Sun will be in the sign of Cancer, which is a time of focus on the home, family, comforts, deep emotion, nurturing, protection, and is connected with things held onto from the past. The second step is to find where Cancer is in your own natal chart and what house, or area of life is effected as well. This will give you a clear understanding of how and what in your life the Eclipse will activate.

Usually one will have a break through, with things building up to the passing point of the event. Intentions potentially discovered and sown during this time often take about a year to manifest. Last Summer's Lunar and Solar Eclipses took place in August, in Aquarius and Leo. During that time I was setting intention to find and work a Natural Building internship the following building season. Nearly a complete year later, I am doing so right now. (checkout the blog I'm writing, which is about my adventures and experiences).

The Moon is intimately connected with our mind, emotion, and deep feeling. During the Lunar Eclipse, the Full Moon is no longer reflecting the Light of the Sun (representing our most Inner Self, or Soul), and seems to disappear from the sky. This is representational of our Self momentarily interfering with our mental and emotional wiring to bring in some new insight. It is up to the individual how they choose, consciously or unconsciously, to respond to the eclipse or any other transit.

This is a time when things might be heightened, clear, unclear, or intensely emotional, and it helps to know ahead of time what to pay attention to. Or, one can choose to experience the event, and look afterwords where the Moon was in the sky and in their natal chart. Either way, try to pay attention to what is going on during this time and not even be concerned about it astrologically. It will reveal that, at the very least, things here are intimately connected with solar and lunar cycles, potentially sparking more insight.

Lunar Eclipses take about 6 months to bear fruition. Last year, in August, during the time of the Lunar eclipse, my partner and I decided that a friendship was what we both wanted, rather than a marriage. Six and a half months later, after finally getting around to the paperwork, our divorce was finalized. Now, we are super best-friends.

Lunar and Solar Cycles are the most simplest and easy to follow, as well as the most obvious and apparent. I recommend getting a lunar calender of some sort and casually witness the ebb and flow of daily events in your life. Just witnessing what is going on, not with the intent of knowing that this or that is going to happen, but as a way to discover Nature's powerful cycles and how deeply we are connected with them. If we can pay attention and move and create along with Nature's natural flow, then our creations will turn into co-creations, and become more enhanced, enriched, and ultimately, more enjoyable.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Triple Conjunction: Jupiter, Chiron, & Neptune

This month's New Moon on Friday, April 24th, has the triple bonus
effect of a very powerful, and spiritually motivating, conjunction
between the outer planets of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. This
convergence of energy is happening in the intellectually innovative
sign of Aquarius.

The duration of these planets journey together across the sky will
last from now until the end of the year. The combination of these
archetypal energies will help to focus our attention to the spiritual
aspect of our lives... or our sheer lack of it. This is a time to
reconnect with that deeper part of ourselves, to acknowledge
ourselves, both personally, and collectively as a human family,
in a way so that we can heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually,
and move forward along our life's path.

With the three planets in Aquarius, the focus on a more cooperative,
sustainable, and positive future will seem more apparent. It is
through our dreams and intuitions (Neptune) that we will be able to
transform our deepest problems (Chiron) in an ever-expanding
way (Jupiter).

Take some time during this New Moon cycle to set intention on
opening up more spiritually, in whatever way that means to you.
The New Moon in the Earth sign of Taurus will provide a grounding
and stable foundation for starting any new routines, practices, or habits.

As the days pass on, try to notice and take advantage of this
consciousness-expanding combination of planetary vibrations. Spend
a moment or two every now and again to sit quietly, to feel and listen
to what our soul is trying to tell us amidst our ever busy and fast
moving life.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 10-11: Cancer 'Super' Full Moon

This upcoming Full Moon should be quite a ride for most.
This month of January has some interesting Moon activity,
one being that of the first of this years five 'Super Moons'.

A 'Super Moon' is defined by the Moons orbit in relationship
to that of the Earth, being closest, physically, to the Earth
within it's orbit, as well as in direct alignment with the Earth
and Sun. This creates intense 'Moon' activity, that relating to
weather patterns, tides, platonic plates, upon the Earth, and
for us it effects our emotional, psychological, and psychic areas
within us.

This Full Moon will direct our attention to what needs to be
addressed in our lives in regards to the qualities of Cancer,
the sign the Moon will be transiting through. Cancer is the
sign of what home means to us. It relates to our emotional
comforts, our sense of security, where we find our source of

The Moon is exalted in the sign of Cancer, so we can expect
that emotions will be very heightened during the Full Moon.

This particular Full Moon will bring in some very interesting
aspects with the Saturn/Uranus opposition that is going on,
directing our focus to think differently. Saturn at 22 degrees
Virgo is trine the Sun and is sextile the Moon, while Uranus at
20 degrees Pisces is trine the Moon and sextile the Sun,
forming an astrological energy configuration called a 'mystic

These energies will facilitate us in coming up with positive
changes and alternatives, both within our personal lives and
within that of the collective.

The cycles of the Moon are intimately entwined within our lives.
The Moon changes signs every two days or so, giving us a
particular energy and influence during the passing of each sign.

New Moons and Full Moons are special times. The New Moon
is the beginning of a new phase. It provides the space for us to
go within, to search out our desires, and plant new seeds for
the upcoming lunar cycle.

The time of the waxing Moon, that from the New to the Full,
is a highly energetic time to get things rolling: new projects,
adventures, ideas....It is a period of growth.

The Full Moon is the time when we get to enjoy the fruits of
our intentions. It is a time of harvesting our manifestations,
to look at what is going on in our lives and acknowledge that
we are responsible for what is occurring.

The Full Moon is also a time of heightened sensitivity and
emotion. We are potentially a little more on edge and more
empathically opened. It is a very good time for prayer,
meditation, and connecting with the Universe.

What are the things that give you emotional security?
What do you value most in your life? How can we shift
our relationship to these things so that they are in more
harmony with ourselves and each other?

I hope this upcoming Full Moon gives you the insights
to your questions and problems, as well as give you

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan 11-31: Mercury Retrograde

Well, it's that time of year again folks...Good ol' Mercury
will be Retrograde from this upcoming Sunday, the 11th, till the
very end of the
month on the 31st.

Just recently, on this past Friday the 2nd, Mercury entered
the sign of
Aquarius. Mercury is the heavenly body that is
intimately connected with
our personal thinking, communicating,
exchange, and travel.

Whenever a planet appears retrograde in the sky (the planets
actually reverse their course, it just looks like it from
our perspective
on earth), it is a time to slow ourselves down,
return within ourselves,
and process whatever is coming up in
the area of ourselves that the planet
correlates to. In this case,
with Mercury, it is a time to re-think, to
re-examine how, and
even who, we need to communicate with. a time to pause

and re-assess.

Aquarius is the sign, or area of ourselves, that relates to the
non-conforming, group-conscious, visionary; our
rebel and independent
side, personally and collectively speaking.
Aquarius is all about equality and diversity, with working
together as one community to figure things out. It is also the
sign that is linked
to electronics and fancy gadgets, as well
as computers and the internet.
So the recent shift of Mercury
entering Aquarius last week has us thinking
about and
discussing more of these Aquarian attributes.
enough, this
blog has been started during this time frame :)

Halfway through Mercury's retro-motion, on the 22nd, Mercury
will be going
back into the sign of Capricorn, the sign that we
were just in for the
last month or so. Capricorn deals with
organization, responsibility,
structuring; our ambitious, realistic,
and practical sides. It also represents authority,
of any kind,
like our own parents, bosses, presidents. It is the sign of

structure and of systems, such as monetary, political,
and capitalistic.

So this motion of Mercury going backwards through the signs,
gives us a
chance to re-evaluate our personal thoughts and
ideas again, before moving
forward into the future-orientated
Aquarius mode. Things that we have
thought about, perhaps,
during this last month (and even things from
Mercury's last
Retrograde period, which was from late September to mid

October), will come up very strongly and be apparent
in our minds.

Often them most, things started or initiated during Mercury
periods usually have a difficult time coming to
fruition or completion. It
is usually advised not to try to
buy or repair electrical/mechanical
devices during the duration
of the period, especially in regards to
automobiles or computers.
Any new projects started, or potential
collaborative agreements
during this time often fall apart upon Mercury's
return to a
forward motion.

I've tested these theories over the years and, for me, they are
really right on. Pay
attention for yourself within the upcoming
weeks. If your finding yourself
getting frustrated with or around
others in regards to issues of simply
communicating, or having
trouble with your car or mode of transportation, or maybe finding
yourself feeling the need to talk with
someone whom you
haven't spoken to in a long time, or in a way that is
expressive, and are curious, step back and remind yourself
'time' it is within the cosmic-clock... It's good to be on
our toes during
this time, and to pay more attention to the
seemingly insignificant
experiences in our day-to-day lives.
Ask yourself, "Why is this
happening? What can I learn about
myself from this? And how can I respond
instead of reacting?"

We should look forward to these periods as a time to
understand ourselves
just a little bit more, to learn how to
pay attention to our lives with
just a little more awareness
as well.

Nov 2008- July 2010: Saturn Opposing Uranus

One of the most interesting and influential transits as of right
now is
the Saturn opposing of Uranus. These two planets
are exactly right across
from each other in the sky, with us
on Earth in the middle, creating this
straight on collision of
their energies. The goal of an opposition between
two planets
is to find the perfect give and take between the two, to find
the balance.

Saturn's patterns of energy governs that of organizing,
of stability,
of structure, of control, of foundations. It also
is a symbol of the
status quo, the way things have been
done for generations, like any and
all of our current
structures that are in serious question right now. This
of conservative restriction is in the sign of Virgo right now,
the sign of
Analysis, an earth sign that is focused around
improvement and fixing
things at a very physical level.

Uranus is the Innovator, the Revolutionist, the one who has
to shatter
current limits and standards and restrictions, the
one who goes against
the 'status quo'. Uranus is in Pisces
currently, the sign of the Dreamer, of Faith
and Trust,
of our Intuition.

From briefly reading about these two archetypes it is easy
to interpret
the energies that this opposition brings. The
exact degree of opposition
was on November 4th,
synchronistically that of election day.

This opposition between Saturn and Uranus happens every
40 years, and one
can look back upon those times and get a
sample of how this aspect could
manifest on the physical
and collective levels. In 1968, we had the peak
and height
of the peace movement, and everything else that was
civil rights, womyns rights, the environmental
movements. These 40 year
cycles, as well as everything else,
are always linked together, and keep
building and refining
themselves. So these issues and themes will and are

resurfacing within the individual, social and collective levels.

Saturn and Uranus move very slow across the sky. This transit
will be the
backdrop of every other aspect for the next year
and a half.

During this time, it's good to be reminded that sudden changes
can occur, and not to panic when
they do. Uranus is the
planet of quick, and
'out of the blue' change, usually in a
dramatic way.
This opposition with the Saturn will help us
some areas of our life, depending on where Saturn
(and Uranus) are placed within an individuals birth chart.

Be prepared for an extremely interesting ride, during this
upcoming year and beyond. This configuration
is here to shake
things up and help us figure out
what needs to change.

Understanding Astrology

Astrology is the study of Universal Time, a system to tell us
what time it
is currently, within the natural cycles of our
planet, here, in its own solar
system, as well as within the galaxy.

Moving forward with the understanding that everything in
this physical reality is essentially condensed patterns
of vibration
and energy, one can imagine the effect the immense spheres
of energy
that are the very planets within our universe can have
on everything, especially us

Astrology involves studying the different angles
(aspects) that any
planet makes with another planet within its orbit. We can
tune into that particularly unique combination
of energy as
a way to look deeper and to find meaning behind
the surface of what is
occurring within our daily lives.

The planets are tuned with a particular vibration, which
manifest in this
reality as archetypes that govern the physical,
emotional, and spiritual
levels of our experience, both within
and without. They are the internal
gears and mechanics of
the cycles of life.

The cycles of the universe are the cycles of consciousness.
They represent an outer manifestation of our inner process.
They are the corresponding unfolding of our individual growth,
in sync with that of the
collective, that of our planets solar
system, with that of the galaxy and the universe.
These cycles
are all linked into one mesh of Life, and all breath together
as One.

We are currently in a transition, of one cycle ending, and one
just beginning, a shift in our level and range of
consciousness. The
significance of the upcoming year of 2012,
is that our solar system will be in direct alignment
to the galactic
center of the universe, which only happens approximately
26,000 years.

The time from now to that year, as well as beyond, will usher
in some
rare and exciting transits that will push and open us
up, climaxing with
the energy of the Galactic Alignment and a
shift into a new era.

We can learn much about where we are within our current
process of growth. Astrology allows us to consciously be in
tune and aware of our interconnectedness with the Universe
and each other. As we watch and appreciate the unfolding
of the cycles of each planet, how they all interact with each
other, as well as how they effect ourselves, we can consciously
respond and co-create within the current trends.